Smile with Simon


Illustrated by Valerie McCord.

Simon understands what it’s like to be born looking different than others. When he hatched, his beak had a gap, making it difficult for him to eat, smile, and sing. With help from his special friend, Patty, Simon now thrives. One day, Simon spots a sad blue jay sitting in a tree. No one came to Buddy’s birthday party because he’s different. Simon and Patty gather their friends and make Buddy feel special. They create the Buddy Branch, a place where birds can come when they feel lonely. Simon and the Buddy Branch, a children’s picture book, shares a story of love, acceptance, and kindness. It communicates the message it’s okay to be different; everyone is beautiful just the way they are.

By: Patricia Ann Simon RN

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Smile with Simon Paperback

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2 reviews for Smile with Simon

  1. Amanda

    It’s such a cute book about a girl and a bird with a cleft lip! My son was born with a cleft lip and palate and I can’t wait to read the book to him when he gets older!

  2. Harmony

    This book is a must read for any child to help learn about differences. It will be an especially important book in our household as our children get older. Wonderful message of positivity and seeing the beauty in things they way they are. Thank you for creating this valuable resource for families!

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